How to use Linkedin to boost your business

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Have you established yourself as a thought leader on your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn business boost is a very useful tool to any business in any industry. LinkedIn offers opportunities for your brand or company to establish yourself as a thought leader. Thought leadership build trust within your target audience. LinkedIn research shows that around 80% of buyers feel that their trust is built through thought leadership.

Are you on top of industry trends and news on LinkedIn?

In new-media, the news is instant and the world moves faster than ever before. Being behind is no longer an option if you want to succeed and boost your business. Checking trends and the latest news in your industry sector is beneficial. News and changes could potentially affect the way you do business.

How much do you know about your customers?

Using LinkedIn to get a better grasp of your customer’s needs. It aids in making smarter decisions when it comes down to your business. LinkedIn offers analytics that provides demographic information about any account interactions.

Do you post content consistently on your LinkedIn?

From research done by LinkedIn, business accounts that post at least once per month appear to gain followers up to 6 times quicker than accounts that don’t. Furthermother, accounts and pages with over 150 followers are 5 times more successful when it comes to page views that the accounts under 150.

Once or twice a week is a minimum you should be posting to your company account. If you need help setting up a schedule so you are able to stay consistent with your posts there are plenty of sites you can use such as Hootsuite, Loomly and Buffer.

If you feel like you are hitting a block when it comes to having new ideas for content, you can occasionally every now and again do a repost/reshare of one of your more popular posts. Due to most social media algorithms, it is highly likely that only a small percentage of your followers have seen the older post in your LinkedIn feed. If something worked the first time, chances are it will perform well again.

If you have a backlog of successful social media content, it’s likely that the content will perform well again in the future.

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Has your LinkedIn profile been active in other group pages and communities?

When using LinkedIn, the groups are the main hub where people discuss issues relevant to your business. For example, Alive Digital follows groups with relevance to digital marketing and agencies. 

Going back to the first point of becoming more of a thought leader in your area, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for engaging in debates and presenting thought leadership skills. By presenting these skills, it will not only showcases your expertise and talents but will build trust and credibility in the business to boost your business on LinkedIn. Additionally, answer questions to become a person that people will trust and want to seek advice from.

Can you make sure that you’re sharing professional news, not just reading it?

LinkedIn is the main social networking site used to share industry news and related expertise. Add your comments and opinion to news articles. It shows your followers that you are not passive and take an active interest in the news around your sector.

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