2SEASONS combine the flavours of the north and the south in a fusion of dishes inspired by the seasons. Ever changing menu, seasonal dishes made from scratch, locally sourced ingredients. Created by two sons of the seas.
2SEASONS is a pop-up kitchen with a seasonal menu, so they need a brand that reflects that as well as an easy way to make simple changes to their website.

Services: Branding, Web design & development, Maintenance, Food photography, Graphic design

2Seasons is a brand new pop-up kitchen, being a start up company they needed a whole brand identity. They required a simple yet effective website with the accent on their changing menu. The changing colours of their graphics reflect this.
The site required a booking system that would provide availability on their event nights and needed to be quick and easy to use for the visitor.
We created a brand influenced by the story of the two chefs behind the concept, with such a unique story it was imperative that we captured this. Both sons of the seas, one of the Northern Sea and one of the Caribbean sea, and with a seasonal menu, the name 2SEASONS came naturally.
For the website we chose a clean, modern look that accentuates the menu and the story behind the business.