Arawak Pure Cacao is an ethical Natural Products company that manufacture innovative 100% natural, pure, organic and unrefined cacao products in the UK . Their products are at the cutting edge of natural medical research, lifestyle management, beauty and taste!
Arawak Pure Cacao was a start up business, specialising in ethical Natural Products. They manufacture innovative, 100% natural, pure, organic and unrefined cacao products in the UK, which is why they needed an educational website to communicate the benefits of their products to the targeted market.
Services: Website design & development, Marketing, Maintenance
When Awarak Pure Cacao approached Alive, they required a clean and easy to use website alongside a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase their presence in the highly competitive healthy foods sector. To stand out in a fast growing industry we needed to encourage traffic to their website. With no search presence and very little traffic to their site, we decided to start again from scratch.
We took it back it the start and designed a fresh and informative website with a main focus on quality content and SEO. We ensured all the best practice fundamentals were in place. It was imperative that Awarak Pure Cacao’s message was well received by not only potential new customers but possible investors too.