Professional Sanitising Services

Hillcross Hygiene is a revolutionary Virus Protection company located in North Kent.
This company offers an innovative technology that provides homeowners, business and all other industries the best solutions in supporting the standards of hygiene across all sectors.
Services: Website design & development, Booking System Integration, Maintenance
Website: www.hillcrosshygiene.co.uk
Our client came to us with the requirement of making their site more user friendly, with a more detailed explanation of their products and services.
The website has been re-developed with the purpose of capturing our client’s target audience’s attention and providing them with confidence that Hillcross Hygiene can offer their services to help their clients get back to the ‘new normal.’ The integration of a Booking System was also a big part of this project.
Within our design, we removed sections from his previous website that simply weren’t relevant to Hillcross’s audience, replacing them with eye-catching information, mini interactions and a call-to-action section on every page. We have also implemented a book-in system for our client’s Car Sanitising Drive Through Centre with the purpose of automating the booking process.
Other Services: Graphic design, Content creation, Photography.