Monsta Giveaways is a skill-based competitions website that had outgrown their existing website and wanted to offer their customers a better experience.
With a basic Wix website, Monsta giveaways were limited to the kind of interaction they wanted to offer their customers. Being a skill-based competition website, it needed to inspire trust and be completely secure and reliable, as well as mobile-friendly.
Services: Web redesign,  Marketing & Social Media Management, Maintenance
The challenge here was to change not only the look of the website,  but also the feel of it. They needed to increase their credibility and gain their customer’s trust, and a great design does just that. They also needed to make participation in competitions very easy and accessible to increase their customer base.
By implementing mini interactions, better images and video, and automating the ordering process, we have managed to modernised the look and feel of the website. Customers now have the option to Lucky Dip tickets or select their own lucky numbers, which has also increased trust in the brand.