The Fish Project was founded 6 years ago from a young couple's desire to create one of the best fish and chips and bring a piece of Great Britain to Denmark, by providing high quality street food.
The Fish Project had a tight deadline to adhere to and in just a short time, we were able to bring a simple and effective WordPress site to life. A user-friendly mobile site was also a big part of this project and needed to be completed within the time constraints.
Services: Web design & developement, Maintenance
The existing website severely lacked personality, with the use of dull colours and poor font choices. We worked closely with the client and after an in depth review of their audience. It was clear that this light hearted company needed something to reflect their nature, to step away from the corporate image and into something more visually appealing that could present to the viewer clearly the message not only for the product but for the message behind it.
We started with creating a brand new website, not only to showcase the high-quality food and excellent service, but that placed an emphasis on the wider impact on the environment. It was really important to The Fish project that they weren’t simply promoting food and that their site content would now proudly promote the fact that they source local ingredients – mission accomplished! This new and improved platform now also tells the company’s journey to date.
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