Why Should You Use A Local Digital Marketing Agency?

When it comes to shopping for a Digital Marketing agency, there is always the question of whether to shop locally or go further out. The reasons to have a local digital marketing agency are plentiful and can give value in so many different ways. 

It is cost-effective

It is more cost-effective than a bigger international agency of course. However, it is actually cheaper than choosing to hire a dedicated in-house digital marketing specialist. Outsourcing and using a digital marketing agency for your needs eliminates the payroll costs and also removes pensions contributions, sick pay and salaries. In-house employees will additionally cost your company in taxes and providing benefits which is a significant rise in finances. 

Hiring a digital marketing agency such as Alive, you pay outside firms on a contractual basis. You have the freedom to dictate and fit the terms to your goals and needs, for example, you can pay your marketer per click or per post. 

Another cost saving point to consider is that a local marketing firm will pay for its own computers, stationary, software and training. With in-house marketing, that responsibility falls completely on you. You are to provide everything plus the annual salary.

A Local Marketing agency knows the area

If you specifically want and need your business to tap into local markets then do not look far. It makes the most sense to go for a digital marketing agency in your area as they know it. They can navigate the backstreets in a way an outsider can’t.  When you want to gain local customers it helps a great deal knowing the areas, local demographics, target residents for your business. A local digital marketing agency can provide you with insights from the community. A national or international agency can only offer you the ‘best practice’ and won’t have an automatic understanding of your surroundings.

Communities evolve and go through specific changes over time which in turn can influence elements of a local business. You may need to adapt strategies online and tailor the approach. A national agency will adapt to a general climate but will not take into account your local changes. They won’t be up to date in local news and events which makes it harder to connect with the locals. National agencies lack the lived experience of the area and all needs are met with a generalist approach. Local digital marketing agencies aren’t just aware of changes and events but will adapt alongside them. It can be as simple as alternating a couple of keywords in your content or adapting a whole marketing strategy to realign with the local needs.

They are experts in this field

They are trained for digital marketing, therefore and digital marketing issues or questions are easily solved or answered by them. It is a great deal better than trying to figure it out and waste time struggling yourself. As they train for this, they will be up to date on the latest tips and tricks, trends and new software releases. Successful digital marketing agencies will have knowledge of what works best, what is up and coming and what leads are dead. Agencies, layout the key performance indicators (KPI’s) before embarking on any campaign or contract. You will also be provided with regular progress reports so you will know what you get for your money.

You can meet a local agency in person

Post-Pandemic when life begins to return to normal, you can meet local marketing agencies in person. It builds trust and puts you more at ease of conducting business or being introduced face to face. Opting for an agency that is not local to you, regular meetups to client days just will not happen. Yes, thanks to technology there are plenty of ways to communicate with clients remotely such as slack, google meet and zoom. However, isn’t it better to be able to have the option for face to face interactions? Experts agree that 70- 93% of all communication is non-verbal. This means through online and remote communication, you’re only really getting 7-30% communication overall. Having the opportunity to communicate in person is a lot more beneficial for both your business and for the digital marketing agency involved.

The way a smaller local digital agency works

Smaller agencies will give quicker replies. National agencies don’t have the time or need to have someone around the clock to reply or help. They’re more creative than bigger agencies as well. This is because a smaller team will have less overheads. With ‘fewer chefs in the kitchen’, there is more space to brainstorm and throw around ideas. 

With a bigger, national marketing agency, you will discover that they may use overseas or third-party agencies to code, design and other intricate work. This isn’t great for sudden changes, with time zones and less time dedicated to you as a client, it’s not as easy to make super speedy edits.

Receiving ongoing support

Unlike bigger agencies where once your business is secured you become a small fish in a big pond. With a local agency, it is the opposite and you can expect more personalised attention.

Local agencies tend to be smaller and more tight-knit as a team. They most likely work better together and will obtain stronger results. Another bonus with a small agency is you are more likely to be able to contact the team leaders and directors quickly and directly yourself. You get the specialists, resources and more focus. You don’t become a number to them. With smaller agencies, your success is linked directly to theirs. They’ll be invested in your business and it’s growth in a deeper way.

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